Looking for vintage JOSEF DOLLS to add to your collection?  Or do you have some JOSEF DOLLS that you would like to sell, trade or swap? is the place to post your want ads.  Simply let our readers know what you are looking for and we’ll try to match up requests.  Make sure to include your current email so interested parties may contact you and JOSEFDOLLS.COM/BLOG will do the rest.  We have had many, many requests for First Communion, Confirmation, Bride, Graduate, Sweet Sixteen and others.  The requests are continuously passed along to the manufacturer and I still hope to be able to announce to you that there are more pieces in the works.  Until then….feel free to use to help you search for those vintage pieces you want in your personal collections.  We are happy to help!


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  1. I have five Josef music box dolls for sale. They are Schubert’s Lullaby motherhood music box 6 1/2 inches tall –Christmas Girl Holding A Latern 6 inches tall –Fascination -6 inches tall girl Playing Violin -Patriotic Flag Lady 6 inches tall–November Tilt Head circa 1945-1962. 3 1/4 tall. All have been kept in a hutch and are in excellant condition with no chips or cracks. If interested, please email Judy at for more information.










  2. This message is for Carol,

    Do you still have the Graduation Doll that you posted back on June 28, 2011 to Amy.

    If so is it the big one that is about 6 to 7 inches tall.

    How much are you wanting to sell it for, I am interested


  3. HI Creed…thanks for using If you would email me a photo of the pieces you are trying to identify, price and sell, I will try to help you. I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see the pieces.

  4. Hi Stacey….I do not have a source for a cabinet or display shelf. I have contacted a local woodworker about designing something, but it hasn’t gone any farther than that. I’m afraid it would be cost prohibitive, but maybe should pursue the possibility. Even a nice curio cabinet would work. Give me your thoughts on what you would want…thanks for contacting


  5. HI Anne…..I have found your piece in the 2008 edition of “Josef Originals” 3rd edition by Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris on page 102. She is “August”, part of the 1974 Birthday Girls collection. She is shown as 4″ tall and valued at $45-55 in excellent condition. The original box also adds to the value.

    I hope this helps you and appreciate you using Have a great week.

    Sincerely, Pam

  6. i sent you a picture as requested…
    the doll is 4″ tall
    and the sticker on the bottom says japan

  7. Hello,

    I recently purchased a home in its entirety and have found two Little Tutu ballerinas and a Mama and MaryAnn go shopping set. Since i am not a collector, but would like to see these go to a good home, how would you suggest i price them? They do not have original stickers, but they have the C engraving, solid black eyes, all of the parts and are in like-new condition.

    Thank You

  8. looking for answers to 2 previous posts? i did get an email from you on the tags but have heard nothing since?

  9. HI Stacey! Thanks for your interest in Josef Dolls and in the Josef Doll Blog. Unfortunately, the volume of requests far outweighs the manpower and time available to answer each and every question. We do our best, but it is a slow go to research the high volume of inquiries we receive. Information is limited to the four volumes of listings that have been compiled by Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris, which only scratch the surface of the hundreds of pieces that were lovingly created by Muriel Joseph George. Did you have a specific question?

  10. HI Anne…Please provide some additional information, including measurements, hair and eye color and any other distinguishable markings that will help us identify your special gal. If you could include an email photo, I’d appreciate it. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

  11. doll in bonnet, dress lt blue with orange, flower holding a yellow butterfly. has correct stickers and marks any info?


  12. Hello,
    I am a collector of Josef, looking for tilt head, Days of the week, Mama & Mary Anne & other older Josef’s. California or Japan.
    Contact me anytime! Thanks

  13. I have a josepf original with a hang tag called the little gourmet, she has a yellow dress and bonnet and is carrying a dish of spaghetti roma. the tag has the recipe on the back. any info would be appreciated.

  14. Anyone know of a nice display cabinet with a glass hinged fron that will hang on a wall and display all 21 birtday dolls?

  15. My daughter has a collection of these josef birtday dolls we started @ birt, we are at age 9 and plan on collecting all. She has lost the little tags for year 1 and yera 4. They are Dakin. Is there a place to get replacement tags?

    • Would you be interested in buying the whole collection now? i have from birth to 21 not in original boxes but have been in a curio cabinet perfect condition for 20 years.

  16. HI Ann McKee….YES, there is most definitely a market for the Josef Dolls you describe. If you would like to post your list with as much detail as possible and an email for interested buyers to contact you, is pleased to try and help you with your collection. I would also suggest you check on EBay, as there is much interest in the Josef Collection there, too. Good Luck….and thanks again for using We appreciate your participation.

  17. HI Girard….Thanks for using Please give a complete description, including photographs if possible. I will try to find out which pieces you have. We have limited resources, as the artist and creator, Muriel Joseph George, did not keep records. However, the very talented collectors and authors, Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris have been able to document many of the pieces in their research. I look forward to hearing from you!

  18. I have 16 dolls from late 60s to 70s. Birthday angels from 1 to 16. They are all in perfect condition with original tags and stickers. The early years are smaller. Older years are bigger, ie 12 th year is 5 1/2 inches tall, pink with doll holding a mirror. They all have tags and poems.

    Is ther a market for this entire collection. Thanks

  19. HI everyone, I have two, what I think are vintage figurines. How can I find out which ones they are exactly, their names, how old. I did a lot of internet searching but cant find them.

  20. HI Shani…I sure wish I could furnish the tags you need. The only tags available come with the doll at the time of purchase. They do not manufacture extras, thus making them pretty “precious commodities.” I wish I had another option, but I’m afraid I don’t. Thanks for using

  21. I have a Josef Originals figure that I have not been able to find online. I am just curious about its worth and if it real. It’s a figure of a small girl playing a piano. She has brown hair and is wearing a green nightgown with purple flowers, the piano is blue with a candle sitting on it. She has a blue bow in her hair and her eyes are closed as she sings. If anyone has any info on this figure I would love to hear from you.
    Jessica Blankenship

  22. Does anyone know where I can get individual hang tags? I am missing a few from early on in my daughter’s collection – I threw them away because I didn’t know you were supposed to keep them! Thanks!

  23. I read from Kathleen on August 9, she is looking for a doll I believe I have to sell. I have dolls from the calendar/month collections. She has three stars on the front of the skirt, she also has a hat with little stars on it. Blonde hair.

  24. HI Kathy…I wish I had a solution for you, however, there are no replacement tags available. This makes the hang tags with the cute verse a pretty desired commodity. I have encouraged the manufacturer to consider making them available, but to no avail. Thanks for contacting

  25. I am looking for replacement hanging tags for the Joseg birthday angels. do you know where I can get them?

  26. HI Kathleen! You are correct….these special pieces are hard to find! How I wish we could fill all the requests we get. The December doll you are describing is “December” from a 1963 series titled “Birthday Dolls Series J-333”. She is 4″ tall and is valued at $55-60 in excellent condition. NOW….where can we find one? I hope that one of our readers will have one that needs a new home, has seen one or knows of one that might become available for your collection. Thanks again for using the blog.

  27. HI Cheryl….thanks for joining the blog! I’m struggling to find a picture of your oriental doll in the reference books. Could you email me a photo of her at I have found a couple that don’t quite match your description. The Japan doll from the Little International Series is wearing a peach/pink kimono and is carrying an umbrella. I’m up to the challenge and will look for you if I can get some additional information to work with. Thanks again…I appreciate your interest!

  28. HI Mandi….I have looked through all my reference books and I cannot find the one music box with the dancing couple that you are describing. Can you tell me a little more about how tall the figures are, what the base looks like and how they are dressed? I might be able to compare the information with the pieces that are listed to give you a ballpark idea of value. Thanks again for using and I look forward to hearing from you!

  29. I am looking for a December josef original birthday month doll. Not the birthstone doll, the other one. I’m not sure of the exact name of the series (1960’s, Japan, black eyes), but they seem much harder to find than the birthstone series. She’s about 3 1/2 inches and has a white gown with gold stars. I’m having a hard time completing my collection. Any information on this series would be appreciated also.

  30. I am trying to find out some information on a doll I have. She is about 4 inches tall. I believe she is from the International Series. She has a light blue dress with floral trim, black hair with black eyes and is holding a fan. She is signed on the bottom and has the imprinted C. She has a sticker that says “China” on one side and the Josef Original sticker with a curly cue in silver and black on the other. I have found one picture online at Mary’s Antiques of her, but it has no information. Anything you might tell me would be very helpful. Thank you.

  31. Hello,

    I have inherited 15 Josef Dolls. Four of them are musical.
    The ones taht are not musicals all are: “Josef Originals” with the circled C.
    More details upon request and if anyone is intrested in purchaseing.

    None of them are birthday Dolls.

  32. I have Josef Dolls birthday girls through the years, age 1 through 16 all in very good condition with the boxes. I also have doll 19.
    I am looking to sell them all.
    Looking for someone to make an offer on the collection.

  33. Looking for a “Thursday” doll from the “Days of the Week” series.

  34. Hi, I have a Josef Originals Music box with a couple dancing at a ball, and it plays “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”. I am trying to find the value of this, and haven’t been able to find much information. If anyone could help me out, it would be appreciated! This item is in excellent condition with all original stickers. Thank

  35. HI Char…I’m not aware of Josef Originals made in Taiwan. As far as I can tell, the black eyed pieces quit at #16. I hope this helps…and doesn’t disappoint you too badly! Thanks for your interest in Josef Dolls.

  36. I have a ( 1960- 1970’s) 34 josef original doll figurine collection that I’m wanting to sell. 12 from other countries, 3 from months, 3 from the George Good corporations of the 1970’s. 6 of different titles and 10 misc. that I can not identify. Anyone interested?
    These are in pristine condition. I have some with the JO stickers, tags and title stickers and japan stickers on the bottom.
    I know the ones with Japan stickers are not worth as much but I’ve priced some as high as 119.00 per figurine.
    Please let me know if you’re interested. I am also selling the Leftons, Kelvins and Enesco and Inarco figurines.

  37. Thanks, Shelley, for your interest in Josef Dolls. As far as I know, the black eyed birthday dolls ended with year 16. I was trying to find the exact reference for confirmation and cannot find it….but I am fairly certain that dolls after 16 were made with brown eyes. Thanks again for your interest!

  38. I am looking for a Black Eyed 17 Josef Birthday Angel. I am having a hard time finding 17-21. Did they make them with the black eyes over the age of 16?
    Thank you,

  39. WANTED—I need the JOSEF GRADUATION DOLL which is approx. 7 inches tall. she is wearing a peach gown or/ the musical doll which is wearing a blue gown

    I have a Josef Originals figurine I cannot find anyplace on the internet. She stands around 8″ tall has black eyes, black hair in a beehive style hairdo with pink roses in her hair accented with gold, her dress is a peachy pale pink accented with gold swirls and the top of the dress is cream and gold swirls, she is holding a rose in her left hand.
    Thanks so much.

  41. A lot of thanks for each of your efforts on this blog. My niece loves managing investigations and it’s really simple to grasp why. We all hear all about the lively form you give important ideas through your blog and even improve contribution from some other people on that article while our own child is being taught so much. Enjoy the rest of the year. You’re the one conducting a good job.

  42. Hello
    I am looking for Renee from mornign, Noon and Night series
    and Miss Panama from the international series. If you hav ethem and are willing/able to part with them, I am interested
    Thank you

  43. Can someone please tell me the difference in these two figurines that I have found? I am trying to start a collection of the josef birthstone girls for one of my daughters. I am finding that some of the dolls have one birthstone in the flower, and some have a bouquet of flowers with three birthstones. I found two different November figurines, one with a single stone and one with three stones. Can someone please explain the difference? Where they from different sets? Different years? Does one set all consist of single stones? Any information could help me tremendously. Thanks in advance. Heather

  44. My wife has a Josef Cinderella doll about 3-3/4 inches high, light blonde/brown hair, black eyes yellow dress with gold spots and yellow flowers, white wrap, wearing a green & gold tiara, and having a bare outstretched foot. It has stickers on side & bottom that show some wear, otherwise in mint condition. We are interested in knowing the value of it, and finding a buyer.


  45. I have the complete set of Josef original birthday dolls from age baby through 21. They are all in perfect condition-no breaks, no cracks, no chips. They all have the original gold sticker and original tag around the neck. Most of them are still in the original Josef Originals boxes. Baby is from 1978, age 1 is from 1979, and 2 is from 1980, and so on. I would like to know how much my collection is worth and would really appreciate your insight and help with this. Thank you! I do have pictures but don’t see how to attach them to this message.

  46. I also have for sale the febuary small doll with hang tag, in great condition, the teal green small march birthday doll, a small september bell doll , the confirmation angel, the birthday angel 18 dressed in lite green, also a birthday angel dressed in pink a little smaller than the confirmation doll, I would like to sell 1 or all of these dolls, there is no damage to any of them please call 225-247-7532 I am in Louisianna.
    Thank you Louise

  47. I have a josef confirmation doll for saleshe is in pink with the hang tag in great condition, if interested please call 225-247-7532 I am in Louisianna.

  48. I have set of Josef’s birthday dolls from 5-16 for sale. All have their original tags with poems. Excellent condition. Looking to sell them for $350 dollars, but that price is negotiable.
    Please e-mail if you have any interest.
    Thank you.

  49. I have Josef birthday dolls from year 1 to 18. They have the original tags and boxes. The #7 was broken and glued but all the others are in mint condition. I would like to sell them for at least $400. I bought the first one in 1972, the year my daughter had her 1st birthday and every year there after till she turned 18.

    Please e-mail if interested.
    Thank you

  50. Looking for PUPPY LOVE to add to my collection. My pug died a short time ago, and I miss that curly tail and big eyes – and the puppy love. If you have one to sell, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. This really means a lot to me. Thanks.

  51. I have been collecting the Josef originals for my daughter. I have not been able to find the graduation doll.Does anyone know where I can find one.

  52. Trying to find a Josef doll but don’t know the name. She’s got a pink or mauve-colored dress with a matching hat (hat also has a purple plume on top) and she’s holding a gold plated mirror. There’s also some gold decorations on her dress and around her neck. Does anyone know where I might find this figurine and how much I might expect to pay? Thanks!

  53. I recently purchased a Josef doll on ebay that looks identical to the early Ireland International Josef Original except she has a pink dress with tiny blue flowers instead of the green one with the white flowers, Does anyone know who this girl is?

  54. I have two lovely J.O. ladies…but cannot find them anywhere. One is wearing a light blue dress, and is carrying a little purse with gold plume or fringe on the bottom of the purse. She is wearing a blue hat, and has a gold choker necklace with red “jewels”. I estimate her between 7 and 9 inches tall. Her hand is on the ruffled part of her dress which is around her shoulders. The second lady is in a brown underskirt with a rust colored overskirt. It has pink flowers down the front of the skirt. She has brown hair. She is carrying a brown and white puppy (kind of looks like a springer or cocker spaniel). Again, between 7 and 9 inches tall. She is a matte finish, and has George Good stamped on bottom with the J.O. name as well. Please help if you can! I would love to know which ones they are. Thank You!

  55. I have a vintage Josef Originals figurine that I could use some help identifying. She is about 4 1/2 to 5 inches tall, pale yellow dress with gold trim, blonde hair with pink flowers in it. Her right hand is holding an oval shaped gold and white mirror, and her left hand is down at her side. I found a website with a picture of her, and I believe she is “Debby” from around 1969. Any help identifying this doll as well as her estimated worth would be appreciated. Thanks!

  56. I’m looking for a Josef Original that I think is called “Blessed Motherhood”. She has on a light pink dress with a banner that reads “Blessed Motherhood”. She is holding hands with her little child who is wearing green overalls. Her tag reads: “Everyone has an angel in her life… Her name is Mother.” Please let me know if you have any ideas on where I can find this figurine.

  57. I have several of these dolls that I can not locate any info on. Does anyone know a site taht I could post pics of them to try and identify/value them??

  58. I have found that the age 4 Josef’s Doll also shows a crack around the neck and her wings have been glued back on. Apparently being four is very trying. All other dolls are in mint condition.
    My email is I can provide photos of the dolls if interested.
    Thank you.

  59. Hi, I am wishing to sell my daughter’s Jesof Birthday Dolls which were bought for her from her first year through age 12. All dolls are included, 1 – 12, and all but age 4 are in mint condition. Age 4 has a crack which shows up the back and hairline arcs on the gown above the number 4. All dolls have their “Jesof Originals” sticker, ages 1 – 7 are in black and gold and have the “Japan” sticker on the bottoms. “Jesof Originals” stickers on ages 8 – 12 are gold on gold. Seems a change was made in the “paper” side of the dolls at that time as all dolls have their poem tags, and those tags also change shape at age 8. They are all etched “Josef Originals” on the bottom of the dolls. Many have the “Jesof Orignals” boxes as well.
    Daughter was born in 1977, all dolls purchased each year thereafter.
    I would like to get $250 for the whole collection. Plus shipping and insurance.
    Please contact me if you are interested. These little dolls need a good home.

  60. Dear Friends….Thank you for your continued interest in Josef Dolls! I apologize for the delay in answering. The requests are coming in fast and furious and I am really backlogged! I will get to each and every one eventually.

    A little background information might be helpful here…Muriel Joseph George kept no records. The information that is available comes from Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris with their four volumes titles “Josef Originals”, “Josef Originals..A Second Look”, “Josef Originals…revised and expanded 2nd edition” and “Josef Originals…revised and expanded 3rd edtion.” They have compiled the information from their finds and what other collectors have shared with them. The volumes are in no way a complete listing of what was produced, but give a very interesting and informative look at the depth and wide variety of pieces that were inspired by Muriel Joseph George.

    When a collector contacts me for information, I do my best to find out what I can about it. It involves literally going page by page to look, trying to match characteristics. When you submit an inquiry, please be as specific as possible and if you can include a photograph, that helps tremendously. Thank you for your interest and your patience! As we build the information base, answering as many questions as we possibly can, I hope to increase the interest and demand resulting in higher values and possibly the remanufacture of some of the specialty dolls in the future.

    Thanks again! pam

  61. Need Help,
    I am looking for the Josef originals vintage Birthstone May Doll, it’s a little girl holding a bouquet of flowers, with 3 emerald stones in it. She is know as the May Birthstone Doll. She was produced by Mary Joseph George, USA. It’s one of the earlier series, Measures 4 in. tall by 3.5 in wide. If anyone has any information on this doll or even a picture, please respond.

  62. I have the birthday dolls from age 4 to 12. I am now 44 years old and am just wondering the value. They all have the peom but not the boxes. 3 of them are broke but can be easily glued since I still have the piece. Any info would be great. Thank you

  63. I’m looking for a groom that we used in 1966 on our wedding cake. The original one was lost in the move but we have the bride

  64. Hello, I am looking for 7.5″ tall Josef Originals Figurine with Lady with a Butterfly. She so looks like my daughter who is graduating and I would love this for her cake – thank you!

  65. My mother gave me a Josef O. figurine of a young lady in a mint green floral dress with matching bonnet. She is holding an oval mirror. It dates from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. I am just curious about the history of the piece.

  66. I am new to the colector world, and am wondering if I do, in fact, have a Josef Original. The figurine stands approx 9″ tall. She has a green dress and parasol, and is wearing a lavender bow and elbow-length gloves. There are pink roses on her gown – 4 are part of the gown, so to speak, and 3 are raised. There is also a rose at the neckline of her gown. The “Josef Originals” sticker on her gown appears to be black and silver, though, and not black and gold like all the dolls I’ve been reading about. Does this sound like the real thing? If so, where can I find the history on it? Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help! – Lisa Roth

  67. Hi Diane…Thank you for your interest in Josef Dolls. I do find something that sounds like your favorite piece. It is listed as “Girl with a tea cup”, is 5″ tall and valued at $50-55 in excellent condition. I would love to see a photo and post it here for others to enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you!

  68. Hello,
    I have 3 Josef Originals, two of which I have been able to identify as the mighty rose and the October birthday doll. The last, and my favorite is one I cant seem to find any information on whatsoever. I have not even been able to find a picture of her on any collection site. She is 5 1/2 or 6 inches tall, yellow formal dress with a ruffle at the bottom that has gold on the front with a single pink rose that stands out from the dress. She has her hair pulled up on her head with a pink flower and is holding a tea/coffee cup and a saucer. She has the gold/black sticker/tag and on the bottom there is a stamp or engraving that says Josef Original and a C with a circle around it. If anyone could help me find out any information on this doll I would be very grateful. I have clear, closeup, photos of this doll from all angles that I would be happy to send via email.
    Thank you so very much for your time.

  69. Hi,

    My grown daughter has her complete vintage collection and passing it on to her youngest daughter. However, I started the new collections for our oldest granddaughter and have all but the communion, confirmation and the birthstone dolls (September) and would like to be able to buy them to complete the collections. Also if anyone has the flower girl and is willing to sell just the flower girl. Please let me know.

    Thank you so much.


  70. Thanks, Jennifer..let me do some research and I’ll see what I can come up with. It sounds like a great collection. Do you have photos you could share?

  71. Also… mother said that she purchased them around 1964-1965. They all have a Japan sticker on the bottom too.

  72. Descriptions: All dolls are approximately 3-31/2 inches tall

    January doll: Rose color dress with muff and bonnet
    Febuary doll: Purple dress with basket of flowers
    March doll: Aqua dress with yellow flowers/holding grey dog
    April: Light blue dress with white hat and white bow/holding gift box
    May: Pink dress with basket of roses
    June: White dress with single rose boquet and a rose on top of the hat
    July: Rose dress with big bow in back/holding a cat
    August: Yellow dress with purple flower basket
    September: Dark green dress with green boquet
    October: Yellow dress with lute and black hat with blue feathers
    November: Yellow with basket of fruit in one hand and apple in the other/grapes on head
    December: White dress with gold stars

    November Topaz: Pink dress with green flower boquet/3 yellow stones at center of flowers.

  73. HI Jennifer….Thank you for your interest in Josef Dolls. Could you please give me some additional information about your collection…how tall are the dolls, some coloration and any other specifics you can share. Josef Originals produced several different versions of the Dolls of the Month or Birthstone dolls and I’m not sure which one you have. I look forward to hearing from you!

  74. I have a complete set of 12 Josef original Dolls of the Month. All are in perfect condition. The only flaw is that some of their stickers are worn. I am wondering if anyone has an approximate value for these, and also if anyone is interested in purchasing them. I also have a Joseph original November topaz doll with birth stones that I am looking to price/sell.

  75. I have a Josef Angel from 1971 (when I was 7) and one from 1972 (when I was 8) they are in excellent condition and I would like to sell them. No one to pass them onto right now.

    any takers?

  76. I have a Josef Original sweet 16. She looks very old and is in perfect condition. She still has her peom attached by a white ribbon. She has a black and gold sticker on her side. On the bottom she has” Josef Original” caved in cursive and a small black and gold sticker that says “japan”. Do these markings date her in any way or do they all have a vintage look. I may be interested in selling her if someone were interested.

  77. I have a nativity scene which was purchased in Dec., 1971. It has stickers reading “Josef originals” and “Japan” on each piece. The set includes Mary, Joseph, the infant Jesus, three wise men and two lambs. I am curious as to its value today.

  78. I have several Josef birthday dolls for sale. I have 1, 4, and 6-16. They are all in one piece and great condition. Anyone interested in buying?

  79. I am look for the Josef Originals OPERA SINGER. I would like like to get it for my mother for her birthday. Does any one have one to sell?


  80. Several years ago I saw a beautiful Josef Original nativity set at a local floral and gift shop in our small town. It ws not vintage, The tag said Josef Original. It was made by Applause. It had the holy family, shepherds, sheep, many pieces. I couldn’t afford the whole thing, but I did purchase the angel. She is lovely. I have looked and looked for that set on line and have never found it anywhere. Anyone know anything about this set?

  81. I have a Josef Original figurine called “Jeanne” from the “Colonial Days” series. She is an exquisite black eye beauty. 9.5″ tall and she is perfect. Gown is a beautiful shade of lavender with a lovely spray of 7 roses, 14 miniature blue, 12 miniature lavender flowers, and gold leafy accents flowing down her strapless gown. She has a sticker on her skirt that reads “Jeanne”. She has a matching gold ribbon in her hair. She is wearing over the elbow long gloves and holds a flower bouquet with one larger rose in the center. No chips, cracks or repairs. She has a Josef sticker and is incised on the bottom. Also has a Josef Originals Japan sticker.
    I would like to sell her for $125.00 with buyer to pay shipping and insurance. Paypal accepted as well as Money Orders or Personal Checks. Contact me at:

  82. Hi Jamie! Thank you for using! I have a pretty good idea that what you have is part of the “Wee Folks” collection. There are no titles listed for these. There seem to be many themes represented…holidays like Valentines Day, Christmas, Halloween plus household chores like cooking and sewing, a school boy, a scarecrow and others. Most are listed from the late 1960’s and in the most recent catalog, with a value of $20-25. Earlier editions of the reference books, show these charming pieces at $40-45. Hopefully, you can hang on to them and enjoy them for many more years. I hope this helps you!

  83. Hi Danette! Thank you for using! Can you tell me alittle more about your special piece? How tall is she? What color are her eyes? Are there any other identifying marks on her? I look forward to your response. There are several collections for the “Four Seasons” category. Thanks!

  84. I have 1 Josef doll and I am also trying to get an educated estimate of the value. I know it has been in the family since my great grandmother. It is a young girl about 5? tall, in a blue dress covered by a white cooking apron with green trim. There is a fried egg on her head, spatchula in her rt hand and a red flower on the bottom of apron. A hanging blue tag with some sort of design and when you open it it says “I cooked the breakfast, but must confess, Oh, my goodness, what a mess! On the back of the tag – corner is cut so what I see is “???ee Folks” by Josef Originals. I can send a photo if you give me an email.

    Thanks a ton – Have a great day!

  85. Hi,
    Back in the 60’s my grandmother owned a store in Gary, In, I believe she sold Josep Dolls. She gave my mom a set of four dolls & she had a set. Both set’s are gone except only one doll is left. The one I have from my mom is wearing a green dress holding an unbrella. I found another on ebay. She is in white holding a bouquet of flowers. The number on the bottom of both dolls is 53. I would love to have the other two, but I don’t remember what they looked like. I may if I saw them. I thought they were the four seasons. I read through the descriptions from the “Hard to find originals”. Maybe they are a part of the “early years”. Can you help identify & find them? Thank You, Danette Stringfellow Largo, Fl

  86. Hello,
    I have a Josefh set I believe from the late 70-1980’s of birthday dolls, they are in great shape, but I do not have boxes. I am looking to sell them 1 through 16. anyone interested please email.

  87. Hi George! I will email the authors of the reference books I use and see if they can shed any light on the piece you describe. She sounds lovely! Thanks for using!

  88. I am looking for information about a josef original angel doll , she has a tag which reads Miss Daffodil March, she has lace wings and looks like a pearl luster color. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  89. Lois L….Did you get the bride doll on eBay? We are all hoping your search was successful….please let us know!

  90. HI Jan! Your September doll is part of the Birthstone Dolls series, made in Japan sometime between 1959-1985. In excellent condition, it is listed at $20-25. Thank you for using

  91. Someone gave me a Doll of the month for September. I think it is from the tilt-head collection. She is wearing a pink dress and has a bouquet of 3 blue flowers in her left hand each with a blue rhinestone. The orignal tag with poem :”The Sapphire Child is very wise and very clever for her size. She always gets much satisfaction by putting thought before each action” is still attached. She is 4″ tall and her skirt is 3.5″ in diameter..She is in perfect condition with no cracks, chips or anything.
    She has a gold sticker on the side of the dress that says September, Sapphire by Josef and on the bottom a painted signature that says “Josef Originals” and also a sticker that says “Josef Originals Japan”. Pretty much perfect condition. t I don’t collect these dolls and if I did, it would not be September because nobody I would want to give her to has a birthday in that month. If anybody can tell me how much she might be worth or if anybody wants to purchase her, Please let me know.

  92. Dear Lois Lochman,
    I just double checked on your Bridal Figurine and you have 3 days 16 hours (Oct 02, 200914:39:45 PDT) until the auction ends. It is a vintage figurine. The starting bid is Ten Dollars and their have been no bids to date. I hope this helps.

  93. Dear Lois Lochman,
    I just saw a Bride Josef Doll available on E-bay when I was lookking for a Josef Communion Doll. I believe the auction is still going on for a few more days. Good Luck!

  94. I am looking for a bride doll. My mother gave my daughter her birthday angels, she passed away in March. My daughter is gettting married next year and I would love to give her the bride doll to complete the treasured collection her grandmother gave her.

  95. I have the following Josef dolls to sell: 1,2, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 16. All are in excellent condition with poem except for 1 and 2. 1 and 2 show a little wear and have a crack that has been repaired. Other ages not mentioned available but damaged. I couldn’t bear to “give” them away at a yard sale – – hopefully these can complete someone’s collection. I had boys and don’t think they will survive ?? many years for me to wait and see if I have a granddaughter! Collection started in 1973. Email if interested. Can provide pictures . .

  96. Hi Pete…Thank you for using the blog! The piece you are referring to is “Laurel” from the “1850 Ante-Bellum Girls” series. She stands 7″ tall and is valued at $160-170 in excellent condition. I would love to see a photo of her. Please email it to I look forward to hearing from you!

  97. Hi JP…thank you for using the blog! Try looking on the secondary market for “Mother Music Box”…your best bet would be Ebay or antique shops. There was one produced in 1985 that played Brahms’ Lullaby. There was also an older piece called “Rocking the Baby” from the series called “A Mother’s World.” These pieces are beautiful…and would be considered a real FIND. Good Luck!

  98. Looking for “mother and baby”. Collected all the b-day dolls, graduation, etc. for my daughter…now she is expecting her 1st. baby and would really like the “mother and baby”


  99. I have 1 Josef doll and I am trying to get an educated estimate of the value. It is a young lady about 7″ tall, in a long white full gown, a gold ribbon in her hair and gold ribbon flowing from her dress. She is holding a bouquet of colored flowers in her left hand. A sticker says”laurel” and another says “japan”. It has a josef originals sticker and the name is also engraved on the bottom. I can send a photo if you give me an email. It is in perfect condition. Thanks for any help. Pete

  100. Hi Lorrie….Can you give me some additional information on the figurine you have? Are there any labels or incising on the bottom? Is there any color and/or gold used on the piece? I look forward to hearing from you. I do find one piece in the reference books that looks like it might be the one you have. Thanks for using and I look forward to hearing from you!

  101. I was given a figurine about 16 inches tall. Asian lady dressed in white, long flowing robe. Her hands crossed in front. Does this sound like a real figurine?

  102. Hi Molly,

    On your Josef Originals #17, 19, 20 and 21, are they from the early 80’s? I am trying
    to replace my original collection that was distroyed and I am having the hardest time trying to replace 17-21 from this time period. If your 4 are from this time you would be answering many wishes and I would love to hear back from you.

    Thank you.

    Kenna Sweat

  103. Selling entire collection of Josef Originals porcelin Birthday Angels… Entire collection of 16 angels in MINT condition, ALL with original poem tag.
    Would love to sell the entire collection together… This is a fabulous treasure to give daughters or granddaughters – I received mine from my mom each birthday year, so i’ve had the first one for 31 years…, but have no girls to pass them on to.
    Entire collection $325.00 o.b.o.

    Shipping available for $35 more

    Thank you

  104. Selling entire collection of Josef Originals porcelin Birthday Angels… Entire collection of 16 angels in MINT condition, ALL with original poem tag.
    Would love to sell the entire collection together… This is a fabulous treasure to give daughters or granddaughters – I received mine from my mom each birthday year, so i’ve had the first one for 31 years…, but have no girls to pass them on to.
    Entire collection $325.00 o.b.o.

    Shipping available for $35 more

    Thank you

  105. I am looking to sell my Birthday Girls because I don’t have room for them anymore and I rather someone be able to enjoy them than put them in the boxes and in storage. I have 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, and 21. 13 and 21 have a slight crack but nothing major. All have original tags and I have most of the boxes. I am willing to ship. Please contact me because I am getting ready to move soon! Thank you!

  106. Is it possible to date my Josef dolls by their hang tag? I have noticed that I have two different types. Thanks

  107. Hello Collectors

    Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a collector?

    I have the following dolls available for sale:

    Israel and Mexico: $70.00 each
    Scotland and Spain: $65.00 each
    March birthstone doll $22.00 (turquoise dress with yellow flowers and aquamarine birthstones)

    Prices DO NOT include shipping, which will be calculated and added to total. Get a significant discount on each doll if you buy more than one.

    All are in excellent condition with original gold stickers indicated country/month and “Josef Originals.” No hang tags.

    I can send close up photo shots to anyone interested. (I can also Skype chat to show the dolls in real time.)

    Email me for more details.

  108. Hi
    I am looking for a Confirmation Doll, a Baptism Doll, and a Sweet Sixteen Doll. Does anyone have them to sell?