Josef Dolls Memories & Traditions

Please enjoy our Josef Doll Memories and Stories shared by our Josef Originals Birthday Doll Family! I hope you enjoy!  Thanks, Pam Semp,

“I had received the birthday dolls as a child.  My parents started with #9, and so I was missing some of the younger years.  I always looked forward to getting mine each year, and now I am passing them on to my niece.  I am happy that these dolls are still around and I am able to order the years that I didn’t have so that my niece will have the complete set.  My hope is that she saves them and someday passes them on to someone special in her life.” — Denise


“My experience with the birthday dolls started in 1994 when my best friend and I celebrated our Clean date in Narcotics Anonymous. I  would buy her the blonde girls and she would buy me the brunettes. It became a tradition every year clean. We bought out dolls each year we had cleaned until she turned 10 and I was turning 12. She had passed away from lung cancer. Everyone knew how important it was to me to keep up the tradition Of getting the dolls every year, so it seem someone would buy for me. I now have 20 year clean and have all the growing up josef dolls. I also have My friends collection as memories we shared in our recovery. These dolls have so much meaning as I celebrated every year in recovery with the Josef dolls. Thank you so much for being a part of my recovery.” — Anonymous


“I have 2 grand daughters who I started the Birthday collection.  My eldest grand daughter has completed to age 21 and her next step is for the Bride.  She is presently 25 and she told me that “Grandma, that is going to be quite while.

My other grand daughter will be getting her 17th birthday angel this year and is coming upon, too soon, the 21st.  The angel is always expected and I could tell you if I stopped getting the angels a certain young teen would have a very long face.

The Angels are proudly displayed in curios.

Sunday I was invited to my soon to be grand daughter in law’s 25th birthday on Saturday. My grand son is holding this party for her since she never had a birthday party.  Her family apparently did not make any kind of special day for her birthdays.  She will become a bride on 19th of July so I got her the Bride and Groom Angel to start and since my grand daughter said I will have to wait quite a while to get one for her;  I figured I would start with her marriage and then when I get the great grand daughter, the collection will start.

I am excited to give her this Angel to let her know the birthdays gone by are all wrapped in the beginning of her new life she is embarking on.” – Margaret Micco


“My Mother started the tradition of Josef birthday dolls when our oldest daughter was one year old (born in June, 1974).  I continued her tradition for our next three daughters.  All four daughters had the complete series from “Baby”, “Birthstone” and Year 1 through 21.  Now I am also continuing this tradition for my two young granddaughters.  I only wish you had a similar “boys” theme for our two grandsons, and a third one on the way!” – Anonymous


“My mother started this tradition with my grandaughter. She has since passed away and I have carried on this tradition. I feel it is part of the anticipation of her birthday. I love giving these to her and she loves receiving them.”  — Diane


“I started ordering Josef Birthday Angels for my 4 granddaughters when my 15 year old graddaughter was just a little girl (My granddaughters are now 5,10,12 and 15).” — Anonymous


“My granddaughters look forward to their angels every year on their birthdays and every year the girls call me to tell me how beautiful their angels are, what the angels are wearing and how tall they are.  When I travel to visit my granddaughters (2 in Texas and 2 in Nebraska) I am given a special showing of the angels by each granddaughter.  They are so proud of their angels, and I am thrilled they love them!

I am so appreciative to Pam for all of her hard work to make each of my granddaughters’ birthdays so special.  Pam is an angel, herself.

Thank you, Pam, for the joy you bring to all who receive these beautiful angels.”

— Dorothy Collier in Oklahoma City


“My daughter has received all Josef angels from one to twenty-one.  My mom started giving them to her on her first birthday.  After my mom passed away, my sister, my daughter’s godmother, continued the tradition, so that she didn’t miss receiving any.  Now that my daughter has a daughter of her own, my husband are giving them to her for each of her birthdays.  She has just turned two, so we have many more to go.  Unfortunately my husband knocked a shelf off in my daughters room, and some of the angels were broken.  We have many, but we are replacing what was lost as the birthdays will come up.  It is still nice to go into her bedroom and see all the angels that remain on her shelves.  One by one they will find their way back to my daughters home through her daughter.” — Anonymous


“My sister-n-law, Myrna Steen, gave our daughter Lauren Elizabeth her very first Josef Birthday Doll. I had never even heard of these dolls before and was in awe as to how pretty they are.  I just loved the gold tipped wings.  Each year we looked forward to getting a doll to put on the shelf.  When my daughter was about three I found her sitting on the floor with her little Josef dolls.  Oh how cute!!! Lauren was lining them up and being so careful. I figured that with her being  so careful that it would be okay to run into the kitchen for just a moment.  Suddenly I heard a clanging together glass noise! UGH!! I ran back into the room and found Lauren sitting with a broken winged angel! She was so sad and of course starting to cry. I asked her what happened in my less than 10 second departure to the kitchen.  She told me that because they had winds she wanted to see them fly. Sigh… how do you get mad at that! We were able to glue the wing back on and her Josef Dolls found a new home on a higher shelf .  It took a while for her to stop asking to play with the angels. She learned they were for looking at and not to play with because they do break.

As the years went by when Lauren turned seven my sister had a baby girl named Hannah. I did not even have to think about what to get Hannah, but to start her on the Josef Birthday Dolls.  Hannah is now sixteen and she has a beautiful collection.  My sister has them on this really neat shelf that goes around the top of her bedroom wall up by the crown molding.  They are so pretty, and Hannah looks forward to getting her Josef Birthday Doll each year.

Before I found Pam’s shop I would look for the dolls where we lived, but it seemed to get harder and harder to find them. One day when I was trying to find them on line I found Pam’s Josef Collection.  The Birthday Club is FANTASTIC!!  Each year a beautifully wrapped Josef Birthday Doll is sent to my niece with a note.  It is great!! My dealings with Pam have been wonderful!  She is so patient and kind. She makes you feel like family. I have been getting dolls for a while now.

A cute memory about the Josef Dolls and my sister’s daughter was that I forget all about the doll one year until it was too late to get it there on time.  I was, however, on time with her gift which she liked alot.  I got a call from my sister saying that they checked all throughout the box and could not find the Josef Birthday Doll.  I told my sister that I realized it when it was only a few days before her bithday and that it would be late.  I thought it was cute how she loved the gift, but wanted the birthday doll more! This is when I found Pam’s shop in my frantic search for a Josef Doll for Hannah. This is another good reason to sign up for the Birthday Club.

Another Josef memory was at my daughter’s school where they had a Quinceanera Ball for all the girls.  I have Lauren’s picture in her beautiful antebellum gown right next to her Josef doll. It is such a wonderful memory.  She looks just like the doll. Lauren has now turned 21 and this past year received her last Josef Birthday Doll.  They are all so beautiful.  I however, still have some dolls to replace for her. Her collection was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  Once I get those replaced then I guess I will hopefully one day be able to get the Josef wedding doll… and then when she has a little girl I will be able to start all over again!!! Well, I guess I am thinking too far ahead. Anyway, for sure Pam’s Josef Birthday Dolls will continue to be a tradition here with the Necaise family!”

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Josef Originals | Did You Know???

Josef Originals Birthday Dolls | DID YOU KNOW…..???


With hundreds of Josef Originals produced by Muriel Joseph George,  as early as 1945 in her own garage, there are bound to be questions about various pieces.  “What is her name?  When was she made?  How old is she?”  AND…most importantly to most people, “ What is she worth?”  Unfortunately, Muriel Joseph George kept no records.  The reference materials that we consult today come from some diligent and talented collectors, Jim and Kaye Whitaker and Dee Harris.  Thank you to them for making the effort to document some of the pieces for future reference.

When someone contacts me for information regarding a certain Josef Original figure, the first thing I ask for is a photograph.  With so many pieces being made between 1945 and the 1980’s, a verbal or written description just leaves too much to chance.  We have multiple dolls in the same color dress, many with roses, gold trim and brown hair. Once I see the photo, I can usually tell you pretty quickly if I have seen it before, if it’s in the reference books and if it is a Josef Original.  Also needed for verification, is a photo of the bottom of the piece, which shows the incised Josef Originals in the porcelain, or the Josef Originals ink stamp.

Requests come to on a daily basis.  Whether someone has inherited an individual doll, has seen one in an antique shop or estate sale or is liquidating an entire collection, the search for information is on!  I try to answer each and every request, but sometimes get stalled myself when I have to go page by page in the reference books in order to come up with some useful information.  Many times I can match up an emailed photo with a photo in the reference book, but that still doesn’t always give us the name.  Dates are even trickier.  If there is a reference to the series it belongs to, sometimes that will help in giving us an approximate time of manufacture.  The other thing that is an indicator is the type of label or hangtag, if we are lucky enough to have that information. Oval labels with “California” on it are the earliest of pieces, generally considered to have been from 1945-1959. Silver and black labels were used prior to the gold and black labels that are seen more often today. Generally, after 1959, product was made in Japan.  The oval label was still used but the “California” was replaced with a ”curl” and a smaller oval label saying “Japan” which many times was located on the bottom.

Hangtags are a “precious commodity” and I repeat that phrase often, as customers ask me for replacements on a regular basis, too.  Being paper, unless they were valued from day one by the collector, they usually were worn out, discarded or simply thrown away with the packaging material. Some collectors roll them and store them inside the figure or tape them to the bottom of the piece.  Either way, it is a cherished part of the figure for most collectors. I have seen customers very willing to pay a little more for a vintage piece when it includes the original hangtag. The black eyed birthday girls have one type of hangtag, The George Good Company, The Applause Company and Dakin, Inc. all had hangtags that give us an indication of the time of manufacture.  At this time, there are no replacement tags available, nor does the manufacturer seem inclined to ever make them available.  The hangtags remain a “precious commodity.”

Much effort goes into trying to answer the “Do you know?” question.  While we don’t always get  volumes of information, we try to find something of interest for those that care enough about their Josef Originals to contact in their search!  Keep the questions coming!  We will learn together.

Vintage Josef Original | The Watering Girl


This gallery contains 4 photos.

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